24 years of Leeuwin Concerts

We have been working with Leeuwin Estate since 1994, when we were first commissioned to design an Identity for the 1995 Leeuwin Concert to be used on tickets, passes and T-shirts.

Designing for each concert is a thoroughly enjoyable process where we get to reflect the artist and the Leeuwin Concert's personality.

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  • George Benson
  • Kiri Te Kanawa
  • Shirley Bassey
  • Julio Iglesias
  • Bryn Terfel & Yvonne Kenny

  • Michael Crawford
  • Roberta Flack
  • John Farnham
  • k.d.lang
  • Lesley Garrett & Anthony Warlow

  • Sting
  • Amici forever
  • Simply Red
  • yvonne kenny and David Hobson

  • Chris Isaak
  • Boz Scaggs & Michael McDonald

  • Roxy music
  • Marina Prior & David Hobson

  • Carol King
  • Diana Krall
  • Bryn Terfel CBE & Rachelle Durkin

  • Chris Isaak

  • James Taylor & His All Star Band

  • Leeuwin Family Concert

  • Coming Soon

The Leeuwin Concert 1995 George Benson

An event poster design in our folio caught the eye of our friends at Leeuwin Estate and so we began our first design for the concert in the same style.

1995 Leeuwin concert identity
1995 Leeuwin concert passes

The Leeuwin Concert 1996 Kiri Te Kanawa

This hand-panted cornucopia, a symbol of abundance, was ideal for a concert with the exceptional Kiri Te Kanawa and West Australian Symphony Orchestra in the beautiful Leeuwin setting.

1996 Leeuwin concert tickets
1996 Leeuwin concert image

The Leeuwin Concert 1997 Shirley Bassey

Unfortunately we are still searching for these and have only managed to find one minor pass and some rough sketches.
If anyone out there has a ticket or pass from this concert we'd love to see a photo or scan.

The Leeuwin Concert 1998 Julio Iglesias

As Julio is Spanish, we looked to another Spanish artist, Picasso for inspiration to create an image that conveyed the atmosphere of the concert experience on a warm summer night.

1998 Leeuwin concert identity
1998 Leeuwin concert passes

The Leeuwin Concert 1999 Bryn Terfel & Yvonne Kenny

Inspired by architectural ornament this image portrays the classical duets of the artists and the richness of their voices. We're not sure what they felt about this illustration.

1999 Leeuwin concert identity
1999 Leeuwin concert tickets

The Leeuwin Concert 2000 Michael Crawford

The Leeuwin Concert is a magical event and the personality and great talent of Michael Crawford made the stars shine brighter.

2000 Leeuwin concert identity and tickets

The Leeuwin Concert 2001 Roberta Flack

Described as "one of the greatest songstresses of our time" we wanted to express Roberta Flack's star quality at the Leeuwin Concert.

2001 Leeuwin concert identity and tickets

The Leeuwin Concert 2002 John Farnham

This bold and striking combination of stars, bottle and vines was a fitting design for our own Australian icon, "The Voice".

2002 Leeuwin concert identity and tickets

The Leeuwin Concert 2003 k.d. lang

We created an informal combination of wine and music motifs for an artist with such a wonderful and seemingly effortless sound.

2003 Leeuwin concert identity

The Leeuwin Concert 2004 Lesley Garrett and Anthony Warlow with WASO

For the 20th Leeuwin concert we took inspiration form Renaissance and Baroque design to create this stately concert identity from grape, vine leaf and gumnut motifs.

2004 Leeuwin concert identity
2004 Leeuwin concert programme

The Leeuwin Concert 2005 Sting

A favourite of ours, this dynamic graphic was created from large ink and brush drawings of leaves, instruments and bottles, faces, drips and splatters.
Leeuwin and Sting also put on a 3rd concert to raise funds for the victims of the tragic Boxing Day Tsunami.

2005 Leeuwin concert identity
2005 Leeuwin concert tickets design

The Leeuwin Concert 2006 Amici forever

Leeuwin is the dutch word for lion, and this more classical concert was a perfect opportunity to create an identity with two proud and regal lions sounding the fanfare to announce the concert.

2006 Leeuwin concert identity
2006 Leeuwin concert tickets

The Leeuwin Concert 2007 Simply Red

inspired by the fabric designs of Florence Broadhurst in the 70's we produced a simple two colour motif of the gumtree blossom creating an identity with the energy of the band from the flora of the venue.

2007 Leeuwin concert identity and tickets

The Leeuwin Concert 2008 Yvonne Kenny, David Hobson and WASO

At many Leeuwin concerts, Dragonflies flit low over our heads as we picnic in the twilight. These beautiful creatures with their shimmering wings inspired this years identity.

2008 Leeuwin concert invitation
2008 Leeuwin Concert Tickets and Passes

The Leeuwin Concert 2009 Chris Isaak

For the 25th Concert we celebrated this amazing combination of wonderful music, excellent wine and good company with bold shapes and rich summer colours.

2008 Leeuwin concert identity and tickets

The Leeuwin Concert 2010 Boz Scaggs & Michael McDonald

Like a Summer breeze, the music lifts and turns the vine leaves into a dynamic living form.

2010 Leeuwin concert identity
2010 Leeuwin concert tickets

The Leeuwin Concert 2011 Roxy Music

An exploding shooting star was a great way to portray the high energy pop of a Roxy music show with the beautiful outdoor setting of Leeuwin Estate.

2011 Leeuwin concert identity and tickets

In 2011 we developed a different design for the T-shirt, and we were so happy with the result we created a poster as well.

2011 Leeuwin concert identity and tickets

The Leeuwin Concert 2012 Marina Prior and David Hobson

With an almost spirographic rendering inspired by the treble clef, we created a bold, contemporary look for the 2012 concert.

2012 Leeuwin concert identity and ticket design

The Leeuwin Concert 2013 Carol King

This year we wanted to get back to a more natural representation of the concert. This view was painted in black ink on paper and just as I finished, a willy wagtail flew into the studio and dropped it's own personal comment on the painting! Was this a tweet?

2013 Leeuwin concert identity

The Leeuwin Concert 2014 Diana Krall The 30th Leeuwin Concert

For the 30th Leeuwin Concert we developed a formal identity taking inspiration from the magnificent trees behind the main concert shell and the way the lights play on them during the show.

2014 Leeuwin concert identity
2014 Leeuwin concert tickets

The Leeuwin Concert 2015 Bryn Terfel & Rachelle Durkin

For Bryn Terfel's return to the Leeuwin stage we created this richly coloured, regal emblem. Our client thought it one of the best yet.

2015 Leeuwin concert identity
2015 Leeuwin concert ticket design

The Leeuwin Concert 2016 Chris Iaak

The amazing Chris Isaak came for his second time to wow the crowds at the Leeuwin Concert.

My Image

The Leeuwin Family Concert 2017 Bernard Fanning

Not strictly The Leeuwin Concert but one we thought worthy.

My Image

The Leeuwin Concert 2017 James Taylor & His All Star Band

2017 Leeuwin concert ticket design
2017 Leeuwin concert ticket design